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My readings are gentle, solution seeking, and sincere. All sessions use tarot cards, energy, and spirit to bring you insight and guidance on your journey.  Readings should always give you something to reflect on and help you with any healing that may need attention. Healing takes time  and patience, and hopefully your reading can help guide you towards the right tools that will help you in that healing process. 
   Loved ones can and do come through, though I do not guarantee this. All people on the other side have complete free will. They may have their reasons for being vocal or silent. Please be kind to yourself. Ensure you've had time to start your healing journey after a loss (whether a person, a job, or a relationship).  Allow yourself time to mourn with family and friends.

Readings can be used as an important tool in self discovery and spirituality, but should never be used in the place of a professionals opinion.



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