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Sarah’s gifts and abilities are astounding. I was so touched by the clarity, content, and care within my email reading. My distance reading was full of pertinent details that were extremely relevant to my life and circumstances. I was inspired by what the universe and my Guides needed to share with me; even suggestions on changes in my diet to improve some health issues. The depth and details of the reading g have given me much to reflect upon..! I will absolutely be asking Sarah for distance readings in the future, and have already recommended her to my closest family and friends.*



    Do not let an email read fool you? Sarah did a phenomenal job interpreting my messages from spirit even through email! I am amazed how accurate her she is to one's individual experiences. She gave me insights, knowledge, and confirmation all in one. It's hard to explain, but in a good way. I was very emotional as I read my messages. Her reads are really touching. If you are seeking answers to your questions, Sarah can answer them precisely too. Just amazing. Sarah's reads and interpretations are not- all over the place- they are sequenced. I recommend Sarah 100 percent. I will definitely return. Sarah, you said to keep an open mind. You said sometimes we get so used to only one way or one type. That was true for me, but now you are going to be my new "used to" my new normal. Again thank you. -2020

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I had my first reading ever. It was amazing. The email was so lengthy and covered so much. She connected with my daughter in spirit that I lost four months ago suddenly. Not really knowing what to ask her, the few questions I did her answers were so complete and detailed. After loosing my daughter I had so many questions in my mind. Sarah has giving me the peace I was searching for and strength to moved forward in life. I am so lost without my daughter but to know she is at peace in heaven and with me every day has giving me joy. There was so much that Sarah told me that she would have no way of knowing. She has truly been given a gift from god. I am so glad I did this. She has given me hope and peace knowing I will see my baby again. Her sister and I are so amazed, so many things were validated. Anyone that’s lost a child or love one I encourage you to get a reading, it’s overwhelming comforting. Jeanette Hall

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About a month and a half ago Sarah did a reading for me that I felt really resonated with me & the events happening in my life. Although having an emailed reading seems a little out of the ordinary, Sarah was very detailed & wrote through free thought or what spirit was saying. She is humorous & very down to earth. I look forward to what will occur in the next several months. Thank you so much again Sarah!!!

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 Laura: I had an email reading done recently, and was a bit skeptical at first of the idea of not being in the same room as Sarah while the reading was being done. However, the email reading rang true to many things going on in my life, without giving her any details.  I did however voice some concerns about one elusive part of the reading that concerned my kids, and she happily offered to get some details for me.  It eased my mind once she got back to me and it clarified things and it definitely described in detail, information that I believe only a true medium would be able to obtain.  Thanks so much!


 Laura C : I had a reading with Sarah a few week ago and It was absolutly amazing.
 Sarah is such a loving, kind individual.She has a great heart.
She was able to connect me to loved one's on the other side with personal messages which was absolutely amazing.  I couldn't have been happier to have been in her presence and hear the things my loved ones wanted her to tell me.
I would highly recommend her and her amazing guide.


Janet: I had a reading done yesterday by Sarah and Wow she was bang on with a lot that has happened or going on in my life right now. Thank you Sarah.-2017

Chris: Definitely worth the time. Sarah is very genuine and real. She is insightful and I received excellent guidance and insight. -2017


Eva :  I had a reading with Sarah Feb 2017.  She is a very sincere and gifted person who touched on many personal subjects.  Her reading was totally enlightening and comforting.  i would confidently recommend her.  


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Well my reading didn't seem to make sense at first but as time transpired the messages and things I was told came about.....as spirit doesn't really have a sense of time...it was a matter of time....Sarah did exp,ain this before the reading. Her reading was accurate...I had it in writing to refer back to it...things are still happening as predicted....

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Erica: I had a reading with Sarah last month.  All I can say is WOW!  She was right about sooo many things and brought some clarity into my life.  Thank you so much Sarah..for everything!
She is also such a sweet and nice person. She made me feel super comfortable and answered every question I had.
Can't wait to rebook :)-2017

 Lysa: had a reading from sarah she was dead on with everything I was very impressed she is definitely worth a trip to see here looking forward to another visit in the bear future -2016


Michelle :I had a reading with sarah and found her to be very sincere and genuine.  She didn't use a lot of big fancy words, she was very to the point.  She touched on a lot of aspects of my life which were quite truthful and not at all surprising,  I felt very comfortable and liked the fact I could ask questions.


Rose Barton: I had a reading with Sarah and was very touched how she had hit so many things right on. She seemed to know exactly where I was in my life, and what was going on around me.li am looking forward to having another reading with her in the future .

Leisa Rainey said:

I have read "Living with Spirits" and it was a great read, not only did it answer alot of questions I had about my own experiences but I found it to be a great resource for learning and understanding things I had little or no knowlege about concerning my own spirituality as well as the spirit world and paranormal phenomena in general.



Nick said:

Before contacting Sarah I had never had a reading before. I have been experiencing a number of challenges in my life and I hoped she would be able to bring some clarity to what was taking place. I was impressed with the accuracy and insight she provided. It has helped me greatly in understanding what was going on and has helped bring me some peace in my life knowing certain things have happened for a very good reason. Sarah has an amazing gift and I feel so lucky to have found her. I will definitely be returning and recommending Sarah to my family and friends. Thank you so much Sarah.


Connie said:

I have had 2 readings with Sarah, both e-mail readings. I think Sarah is spot on with her readings, I have enjoyed them very much and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a reading. I agree with Nick above, Sarah has an Amazing Gift. Thank You Sarah.... I will be back for sure.


Anonymous said:

I have just had an e-mail reading with Sarah. It was absolutely great! She described me perfectly and also was right on in what I am going through in my life right now and will be going through! It is just like I was with her in person! Also 2 people from the other side have been trying to get my attention wich I did not know about. I know we all have spirtit guides but I was so glad to be able to find out about these 2, a man and a woman! Everything in my reading is what I needed to know about and is really helpful! I am gonna recommend her to everyone I know that believes in this kind of stuff and will definitely be back in the future!


Ilse Barros said:

By the way the above post is mine. Somehow when I posted it came out as anonymous.I do not want to be anonymous. I want everyone to know that I had a most wonderful reading by a most wonderful psychic!



Hi sarah..i cant wait to get a reading from you, i saw your videoes on youtube and you have a nice vibe about you very positive and such glowy skin lol you also give me hope and joy for the upcoming positive changes in the world..LOVE AND LIGHT :)



​B -2011


have had readings from you in the past, and was pleased to see your info on soo today. I used the online reading and you are amazing with insight.Thank you sarah

By: M -2011


Hi Sarah,I just had an e-mail reading done by you and I wanted to thank you for all of your insight. It really helped me relax about my fears and see things in a more positive light. You have an amazing gift!

By: Merv- 2010

​Extremely Insightful

I recently saw Sarah and was amazed at how she tuned into my energy so quickly. Her accuracy was amazing and related to my present and recent history.  She has the gift that so many wish for and helps answer the questions that plague us.  I would highly recommend anyone who is struggling for answers to book an appointment...soon.  thank you for your clarity

Mandy- 2011

I look forward to Sarah's readings.  I  like how she can provide insight into my life and what is going on around me.  Definately very in tune and relaxed when doing a reading!! Will continue to visit as long as you do them!  Thank you for sharing your gift with us!

By: Sara -2011


You won't b disappointed

My friend and I visited with Sarah and will definitely be back to see her again.  She has an amazing gift and her calm demeanor make for the most enjoyable visit.  Thanks Sarah!

By: Mrs

Extremely Grateful

I have had quite a few readings with Sarah over the past 4 years. She is amazing! All of the information she receives from loved ones is 100% correct. She has enabled me to find much peace in my life. I will continue to see her as long as she is doing her readings. The friends that participate with me all feel the same. Thank you so much Sarah.