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How E-mailed Readings Work

Spirit and energy have no limitations with distance as we would. This allows me to connect with your energy and guides from anywhere in the world, at any time. 

Spirit communicates with symbols, energy, and sensory. I do my best to translate  this for you.  

I type out everything I see and hear. I will also ask any questions you have on your behalf.  I send this to you at your email address.

This is not a face to face session, no appointment is necessary. 

Ask me Questions 

You can choose between the $60.00 readings which offers a full reading plus  3 questions
or a $70.00 full reading plus "unlimited" questions.  

Please note if someone is in spirit or alive when asking a question about a person. 

When asking about a group of people (siblings, friends, children, parents) please separate them by initials, name, or age so I can pin point who is who for you. 

To get the most from your reading, your questions should be worded as a sentence rather than a topic. 

Readings are for insight and guidance. Please keep in mind that readings do not take the place of a professionals advice or opinions. 

How to Order a Reading

Please use the paypal option available  at the top of this page. 
please choose  $60 or $70.00

If you are in Canada, you can etransfer to

Please confirm all orders with me.
After ordering a reading please confirm at 

Readings can take up 1-2 weeks after order confirmation to complete. If your reading has not reached you within that time frame, please let me know. 

Length of Readings

Approximately 1.5-3 pages Times New Roman. Could be more. 

How Often to get a Reading?

There should be a minimum of 6-12 months in between each session.
If by 6 months your life has had no major changes, be sure to wait longer to get the most of your reading.  Waiting 9 months, or even 15 months between sessions can be a good thing! This gives time for your reading to be reflected upon, and for situations to move forward or change.  You want there to be a lot spirit can discuss with you.
Those who wait longer between sessions and have questions are more likely to obtain longer readings due to more insight being available to share.  

Please be sure to reflect on your reading a week to a month after receiving it. You may discover insight you didn't recognize at first. Some information may be futuristic,  but sometimes we can also be hurting or have a personal bias that only with time and healing can we understand the spirits insight more clearly. 

Animal Spirit Guides

The energy of an animal friend will appear in your reading.  Animals can be with you since birth, and represent traits and abilities you have already, or they can be with you for a situation, helping you learn from them. I will not know which they are for you, so use your intuition. 
Each animal teaches us using their own skills and intelligence. To know more about what wisdom they give you,  read more about their behaviour and traits. 

When I see your animal friend they may start to talk and send you a direct message you need to know.

Preparing for your Reading

Please click Here for  tips. 

The tips on the given page are intended for those having an in person reading. However, they apply for online readings too. 
Feel free to utilize prayer or meditation to connect with your guides and loved ones. 
This can be done just one time or daily until your reading arrives to you. 

Eating high vibrational foods is beneficial. 
Some people may find it difficult to eat and drink healthy plant based foods prior to a session when they do not know the date it will be received. It's much easier to do the day before a scheduled in person session for sure!
  However, keep in mind, that the longer you eat this way, the more heightened your energy becomes. While doing this for a day may create some small changes that absolutely do help with connections,   it can take a while for energy to really take off.   but you don't have to do this at all if it doesn't resonate with you.
Please see link for more information. 

Loved Ones

My readings mainly focus on insight and guidance for your life path. 
There is no guarantee a loved one will come through, but absolutely it can sometimes happen. We are just not in control of those moments, and must leave it up to spirit. You can definitely ask to hear from someone, and see what comes up.  

Enjoy having a reading with me?

Please consider giving a testimony. Available anonymously Here 
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Channeled Email Reading

 3 Questions


10 Questions


$3.00 -add an extra question.

Add a questions after or prior to your session for an extra $3.00 per question.

All questions are not guaranteed to be answered by spirit, but they will offer some form of information in the rare event that a question is ignored. 

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Due to the differing opinions on readings, I have to say, all readings are for entertainment purposes only. 

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