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Why Choose Email ?

I love my in person readings with you all. Some of you, I've been seeing for years.  The discussions, the smiles, the hugs are always fantastic. It's a day out with friends, or some much needed time for yourself. I completely understand that and feel blessed that you choose me for your reading. I love you all. 
    I first started my readings in Sault Ste. Marie at  19 years old, and have now been giving readings all over the world.  Emailed readings helps me connect with a lot of people!

I started online readings because it allowed me time with my newborn, but when covid hit it became the norm.  Thankfully, I am back and offering BOTH in-person and emailed options.
So what's so great about emailed readings?
there are so many benefits!

- Easier to reflect back on:
      Your reading is written out for you in full. You won't have to worry about trying to remember  everything, or deciphering notes. You  can print out a copy for yourself and have it available to future reflection. 

-No travel time!
   This one is self explanatory. 

- No scheduled time
   Busy with work?  Children? have a busy schedule? Let the reading come to YOU. 

-My Time
There's NO time limit. If I need to take up two hours writing your reading, I will..and often do.  If you have questions that take me past an hour, I keep going.  You get the best ;)


My emailed readings are lower than my in person readings. 


I am able to concentrate as long as I need to get every detail. I write down every little detail possible, even returning sometimes to the topic and adding more as spirit decided too.  There's probably a lot more detail and fun information to discover. I know many people tell me, they have to read it multiple times before really absorbing it all. 


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