Why Choose Email ?

I love my in person readings with you all. Some of you, I've been seeing for years.  The discussions, the smiles, the hugs are always fantastic. It's a day out with friends, or some much needed time for yourself. I completely understand that and feel blessed that you choose me for your reading. I love you all. 
    I first started my readings in Sault Ste. Marie, and when moving emailed sessions clients stay in contact with me. 
It allows me to give readings to people all around the world.
And now that I've had my first child, it allows me to be a mom, and take the time I need to be her mom.  Right now, our in person readings would be interrupted by my teething, breastfed little Bear. She is my number one priority. 
  When will I return? 
I honestly don't know.  I think I will let that decision be more organic..just see when it's right for my family.

-Email readings are done using spirits insight and guidance.  I am able to connect to your energy and spirit guides and interpret their messages for you. 

So...why emailed readings?

Here's some positives!

- Easier to reflect back on:
      Your reading is written out for you in full. You won't have to worry about trying to remember  everything, or deciphering notes. You  can print out a copy for yourself and have it available to future reflection. 

-No travel time!
   This one is self explanatory. 

- No scheduled time
   Busy with work?  Children? have a busy schedule? Let the reading come to YOU. 

-My Time
There's NO time limit. If I need to take up two hours writing your reading, I will..and often do.  If you have questions that take me past an hour, I keep going.  You get the best ;)


My emailed readings are lower than my in person readings.