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Preparing for your Reading

I share with you a few simple things that can be done to potentially raise your vibration and aid in your reading. Most are only suggestions. However, anything in blue text must be followed. Thank-you 

Foods  and Drinks

Allow your energy to feel at its best by eating high vibrational foods, like fruits  vegetables, seeds, and nuts, and be sure to drink water.

Please do not drink alcohol  or  smoke marijuana before a session. This may distort your energy and create an inaccurate reading. I reserve the right to not do your reading  if you are showing signs of being drunk or high. 


Saying a prayer or talking to your guides and loved ones in meditation can help you create a beautiful connection prior to your reading. Let them know you are hoping to connect with them and what you'd like to know. While it doesn't guarantee anything, it may help them prepare to visit you and answer what they can. 


Be sure to have realistic expectations.
    All Intuitives work differently, never compare two readers. Every psychic and medium works differently.  I mainly communicate with our helpers for insight and guidance. Spirit guides communicate with energy, symbols, and sensory and I do my best to interpret this for you. 

Please be sure to validate information received as it may help get us more details

   Though I am an interpreter for the other side, I am not all knowing. I will not know if you are married, how many children you have, or what your favourite number is. As psychic medium, I am only the receiver of information, I am unable to tell anyone more than what spirit offers.  I will tell you anything the other side wishes you to know to the best of my ability.
Validation should happen within each reading- This can be 
1)A personal  detail only you and your loved one knows
2) A situation that recently happened
3) A situation that happened in the past
4) A prophecy that comes true later on
5) A solution to a challenge not discussed by us prior
and more....

Please do not wear perfume or cologne to a session. I am unfortunately allergic to most scents.  If spirit chooses to communicate with us using scents of smell we could risk missing their message. 

Record your Reading



I recommend recording your session with a phone or alternative device.

My readings often take place in the present moment but can go anywhere up to 6-12+ months into the future. Because of this, it's great to have the ability to listen again months down the road when your reading will make more sense.


     We can also have a very strong bias when dealing with a problem or important situation. sometimes it's best to  put your reading away for a few weeks or months before getting it out again. In time, when you reflect on the message again, you may have healed or have a clear mind on the situation enabling you to connect with your spirit guide's insight.

List of Questions

I will tell you everything I see and hear. After spirit is done speaking, you may start your questions. You can ask as many questions as time allows.
This can be very helpful for your session. Written words hold a lot of energy, allowing spirit to answer you before you ever ask.
Lists can also help many people when they simply forget during their session. There can be a lot to take in, and you don't want to go home forgetting anything important. 


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