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What to Expect

When you receive a reading...

Prices :

In Person Readings$60.00 for the hour at my location.
E-mailed Sessions:   $35.00 
Group Sessions: $35.00 per person/ Your location only (Unavailable at this time)

Two Hour in Person Reading

Feel free to bring a friend along, or if you'd like to make it a two hour session, let me know. 

When you bring a friend or family member your readings are done in the same room at the table. If you require privacy, other arrangements will have to be made on your end (arrive at different times, go for a coffee etc) You may both sit at the table and listen in. 

How it all works!

Panther, my spirit guide,  sends me information using his own language. This involves energy, symbols, and sensory(like smell, touch etc). I interpret the energy for you to the best of my ability. During my sessions, I utilize tarot cards, not only do I love the art of each deck, but spirits prefer symbols to communicate over English words. Sometimes they will make use of the cards, and sometimes they won't.  
   Using this method, we hope to give you gentle and  accurate guidance on your life path.
     Though loved ones can come through, and can be asked about, there is no guarantee.  People on the other side have free will and their own reasons for being  vocal or silent during a session.   
    After  the guides are done talking, you can ask as many questions as time allow.


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