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Insight & Guidance from the other-side 

In-Person Reading

In-Person readings are hour long session where you can hear insight and guidance from the other side, hear from loved ones in spirit, and ask your questions about your life. 
In person readings are $80.00. 
Etransfer or cash accepted

Emailed/ Channeled Readings

Receive an emailed letter from spirit that brings insight , guidance, healing, and answers to your questions. No appointment necessary. I sit in a quiet room and channel your guide. I type out everything I see and hear and then ask your questions on your behalf. 
$60.00 Full Reading plus 3 Questions
$70.00 Full Reading plus 10 questions

Add additional questions! $3.00 each!


Have friends or family over for a psychic reading. $40.00 per person for 30 minutes (min 5 people or flat rate of $200.

About Sarah

From a very young age, Sarah has been able to connect with the Other Side with the help of her spirit guide Panther. Panther has taught her how to understand spirits first language (energy!) and to interpret that for you during a reading. 

     Sarah started reading for her friends and family as a young teenager. Eventually she was reading for teachers in high school and even in university. By the time she was 19 years old, Sarah was working with the public professionally.
Her gifts are all natural and come with so much insight, love, and healing. 

  Sarah has previously published articles regarding spiritual matters on the Sault Ste Marie's news site, and has been published in April 2008's edition of Fate Magazine. She is also author of True Form, as well as 'Living with Spirits..."  Where she shares her life experiences.


   Sarah and Jeff live together with their two beautiful daughters.
   They also care for their two black cats and a puppy whom they rescued in Sault Ste. Marie. 
Both, love animals and have fostered around 14 cats and three dogs so far. 

Click below to visit her facebook page- like or follow for updates, posts , and live readings. 


You can also check out Sarah's wildlife page. She enjoys sharing nature with others. 


Sarah shares her wildlife photos online- Please CLICK HERE to view.
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