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Group Sessions

Readings for group sessions are done using tarot cards, energy, and spirit. I rely on my ability to connect to the other side to give       you insight and guidance on your life               journey. Readings are done at your location.
How much is a group session ?

Group readings are $40.00 each. Flat rate $200if less than 5 people show up.

How long are the readings?             

Each person gets around 15-20 minutes each. Since most people are very mindful of  their friends or family waiting for a turn, I allow all my readings to end naturally. 

Can I ask questions?     

Absolutely! I suggest writing them down so they are there for you to reference right away. You can ask as many questions as you'd like, just please keep in mind others waiting.

Recording Readings
I recommend always to record your session. Some people use their phone, you may need to install an app in advance .  If my phone is available, with enough memory- I can record your session for you at no extra charge, and send it to your email. Please notify me in advance .

About Readings

As a medium, I  communicate with my guide to give you insight and guidance on your path. 
  Though loved ones may come through and can be asked about- there's no guarantee. 

Sometimes our animal spirit guides show up. The owl represents clairvoyance, and seeing what can't be seen.
If you /the host, is sick- please reschedule the gathering. If you have a guest who is ill, please have them stay home.   I wouldn't want to carry the virus to my next client- who may have a lower immune system.  * Thank you

How many people can attend?

I will read for 5-7 people.

Are readings private?

This is completely up to you. Some people want a group around the table, where everyone listens, other people choose to have a private room with a table set up for readings.

Can I serve drinks?

Please feel free to serve you
r guests drinks and snacks. Please note that it is best not to serve alcohol during readings. If there is alcohol have your drinks after your session. If  people are drinking, too silly, or just simply drunk I will choose to cancel.
alcohol and recreational drugs can make it too hard to read energy.

Are there cancellation fees?
Not at this time. 

What do I need to know?
Readings must be done in homes that are always smoke free (including attached garages).

For reading and comfort of both myself and those attending, readings must be done with a table waist high, and chairs appropriate sizes (if privately done ), or around a dining or kitchen table if  with the whole party.
I have the right to refuse to read if I feel the chosen room is unsanitary, unsafe, or impossible to work in.

Ensure the readings are done  in a quiet environment. Please have  TV or music turned off completely, and encourage any children to play in a private room. Any noises can stop me from listening to what spirit has to say.

Please do not light scented candles or other scented products. Perfumes are highly discouraged. I am unfortunately allergic to certain scents, and if a soul chose to come through using scent, I may completely miss that. 

Friendly animals are welcome!

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